Thursday, 27 March 2014

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...Mani Iyer (Subramani Iyer) graduated with a 1st class degree in Bachelor of Architecture in 1987, from the University of Roorkee, I.I.T. Roorkee. In 1989, he set up a partnership firm under the name Architecture Incorporated with offices in Chennai, Trivandrum & Bangalore and since July 2000, is the proprietor of Architecture Incorporated, Chennai.

His body of works over the years as illustrated in the visuals, suggests a continuous passion for exploration of new idioms and imageries in architecture. Several of his works have been featured in leading architectural magazines and the one constant in all his projects has been innovation and change. Within the constraints of the real world, his preferred idioms have always been fantasy and poetry. The understanding of architecture as a complex sculpture with people as the focus is reflected in the expressive plasticity of his projects and the sensuousness emanating in all his works is tempered by strong logic and reasoning.


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